Friday, April 29, 2005


Ok, it's official, I'm going to start making more frequent posts, since my 'test post' in September clearly went off without a hitch. *blush*

Beth and I just came back from a 4 week trip to Hawaii and Australia. I'll add some entries and pics for the trip.

Can I just come right out and say that I'm really unhappy with our digital camera? It's a low-end Olympus that I bought at the beginning of the year. It takes 2 double AA's, and is good for, no kidding, about 20-30 mins of shooting pics before it's spent. We resorted to taking pics with the cell phone, a Nokia 3360. The quality is just not there, though.

Anyway, I'm recovering from the 13 hr jetlag. Went to sleep last night at 4am and got up at 1pm today after a heavy night of air traffic controlling online.

ATC Diary
More and more aircraft are starting to fly VFR around Los Angeles. This is a Good Thing(tm). We're having an event on May 22 where we will be staffing the smaller fields around LA in an effort to bring out the pilots who fly some of the smaller planes and don't like competing for attention with 747's flying into LAX.

Work Diary
Work is going well, I'm enjoying my contracting with EM3. The current task is struggling to get Oracle full text searching working properly. It's all about detecting CLOB fields from VARCHARs and using the appropriate index, joy.