Friday, June 09, 2006

getting back to digital life

So, it occured to me that my current personal web site (which I won't even bother linking to) has the token "under construction" sign on it, and nothing else. That's normal for some sites, but it's actually been that way since early 1995. For someone who actually had a web SERVER up within a few months of the release of the NCSA server (which was when the web was born), what I'm doing should be considered a federal offense. The first publically accessible site I did was an airshows page, which still exists, but the personal page that was created on almost the same day has never been updated.

So, given that I work for a company that has a web site management product, I thought it was time to actually build a personal site. I've started work on the content, and it's coming along, but need to put together some templates for the layout. Surprisingly, the content is the easy bit!

The site is going to contain:
  • food log (I started Weight Watchers 4 weeks ago)
  • flight log (with pictures and videos)
  • a replacement for this blog (not because there's anything wrong with the current one, but I'd like to see if I can build it using our tool).
My newer machine didn't have a firewire card in it up until recently, making it a chore to capture digital video from the camcorder. I finally transferred the card from the old machine to my current machine and started tinkering with Windows Movie Maker. I've published a few of the results on Google Video, here.

Fingers crossed, I'll have the first rev of the site up Real Soon Now(tm), hopefully before the sun envelops the Earth.


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